Discover how to reduce stress and 
       improve your effectiveness while having fun too.

      Since 2003, Self Discovery Express, LTD has been helping others to help themselves 
                                      in discovering and achieving their DREAMS.

Patricia Cerchio - Vieira



"Self discovery is the secret ingredient that fuels daring."
Grace Lichtenstein


Programs for individuals include: Creating the Life You Want and Adult Drum Circles. Other programs such as the Health Benefits of Sound, Self Discovery Weekends, and Self Discovery Adventure Travel 
are also offered periodically to the public.
Schedule of Public Sessions

Group programs for stress reduction, teambuilding, and creative problem solving use proven, but unusual methods
such as drumming and other expressive arts. These programs include, but are not limited to: Drumming for Fun;
Beyond Thinking Outside the Box; Drumming Up your Team (or Business); and Kick, Scream and Shout.
Programs may be combined with other SDE Programs or those of other facilitators.
Complete Listing of Programs

Individual sessions for Life Transformation Coaching and BodyTalk are also available.

I haven't seen that diverse a group get along and work for one single cause in a long time!

We all had a blast and truly appreciate your time and energy.

You definitely sparked a passion for quite a few of people and I can't thank you enough."

Jen B. - Organization President

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Life is too short to be boring
                                                              Patricia Cerchio-Vieira

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